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The software installer includes 51 files and is usually about KB (, bytes). In comparison to the total number of users, most PCs are running the OS. Acronis Disk Director Serial Key: W3OISGI8 · 7MMC81KP05 ; Acronis Disk Director Serial Keys: FDRUHGFD-RYUHGF-. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Acronis Disk Director 11 Home Edition (PC) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from.


How can I open “.tib” file and recover specific files/folders from it? | Acronis Forum.: Acronis Disk Director V11 Home


If you are restoring from Acronis Cloud, click “Acronis Cloud”, enter your Acronis account credentials and click Sign in:. Backup is on a NAS or on internal or external disk. Click on the backup file that you would like to restore. If there are several backup files recovery points , look at the Date column to find the newest backup, click it, then click OK button:. At “Recovery point” step you will be offered to select the backup version to restore.

Days when at least one backup version was created will be marked in green:. Click on the backup creation time on the right side. Selected time is marked with a blue background. If there are several items in the list, choose the latest:. Locate the system disk and mark the checkbox next to it. To avoid unnecessary configuration steps further in the wizard, click on the checkbox next to the disk title, e. Left panel offers steps “Destination of Disk 1”, “Destination of Disk 2” etc.

Click OK to confirm that everything on the selected disk will be deleted and replaced with the previous state of the system disk from the backup:. Left panel offers steps “Settings of Partition “, “Settings of Partition ” etc. Before proceeding, try switching to Case A by following instructions here , section Solution – Bootable Media, to simplify the recovery process. If it was not possible to change recovery mode from partitions mode to disks, there are two possible outcomes:.

When recovering to the original disk with unchanged internal disks order and partition structure, the program will be able to map partitions from the backup to existing partitions on the original disk automatically. In such case recovery settings for each partition are pre-filled, the “Next button” is not grayed out and you can press it right away.

Keep clicking “Next” to move through the list of partitions on the left panel. Going through some partitions may make the program “think” for seconds to correctly match the disk – just wait till the interface responds and click the “Next” button:. Repeat the process till reaching “MBR recovery” point on the left panel.

When working with big partitions, the program may require seconds to respond – just wait till it finishes reading them and responds. When the “Finish” step is highlighted on the left panel, that is the last chance when you can safely cancel the recovery and undo any changes made on the configuration screens before the program starts applying them:.

Click Proceed to start the actual process of replacing the current failing system state with a healthy system state from the backup:. If possible, take notes and photos of the actions you undertake during troubleshooting. If you will be contacting Acronis directly for assistance, step-by-step pictures would help to resolve the issue quicker. Click on the Log tab, then click on the plus sign to see the log of the failed operation.

To facilitate further issue investigation and troubleshooting, save the recovery log and a system report:. When the report generating finishes, click “Save as” and browse to the same folder where the recovery log was saved previously. Take the system disk out of the computer box, connect it to another computer and run diagnostic checks against it:.

It is the quickest way to identify a disk hardware failure. If no issues were found with the disk, contact Acronis Customer Central for further help with system recovery as explained here. Right-click on the disk title, e. Do not click on the disk partitions on that screen.

Look at the value of “Partition scheme” parameter. If you are unsure about how to do that, follow instructions here. If you are unsure about how to do that, follow instructions here , but choosing the opposite values from indicated there e. In such case you need to pick the one that matches the boot mode of the internal disk where the restored Windows will run. Then reattempt the restoration. Click Cancel button to exit recovery wizard window, click on the Tools tab and use “Add new disk” wizard to quickly clear disk contents.

Be careful when selecting the disk for “adding” as the tool completely deletes everything on the selected disk and that action cannot be undone. Make sure that the disk, storing the backup is not formatted in ExFAT format.

If you do not see the original disk in the list or it appears as two separate disks, it may be set to run in RAID mode, unsupported by the standard bootable media Linux-based.

In such case you need to get to a second computer and create a special WinPE-based bootable media there, with drivers for the RAID controller. After the recovery is completed, installed programs and the system may seem to behave unusually slow, requesting reboots etc. These are required to complete the missed maintenance tasks, such as downloading and installing updates and running regular checkups. If that happens, just let the required operations complete and after one or several reboots the system should be back to normal.

Click “Resolve problem” button under Account tab, select “I have changed hardware Click here for more information. If the system disk failed and you had to replace it with a new one, installed software and Windows may or may not ask for their licenses reactivation after the recovery.

It they do, that is due to a significant hardware change detected and cannot be and should not be prevented or avoided by Acronis software. Contact the respective third-party software vendors or Microsoft for help with license reactivation. Power off the computer, physically disconnect the power cord if it is a desktop , open the case and unplug the system disk.

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