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2)Nikon製のソフト:Nikon Transfer 2, View NX-i, Capture NX-D, Picture Control See of the best free to download photos, images Download software for Nikon products. To view descriptions, cautions, and download and installation instructions, click “View download page”. easily and conveniently view and edit the digital images from your Nikon cameras on the computer. Mac and PC compatible, NX Studio is a free download.


Nikon capture nx2 mojave free download


The double threshold tool allows you to see anywhere in your image that has a tonal value of 0 black or white. Everything in between those values is rendered gray. Black threshold slider White threshold slider White areas are the lightest points in your image. Black areas are the darkest points in your image. An easy way of setting the black point on your image is to use a Black Control Point. The Black Control Point allows you to set the darkest pixel value in your image, but it also gives you control over luminosity brightness.

The Black Control Point will also remove color casts from shadow areas. This is especially useful for portraits. The Black Control Point will be visible in the image. White Control Points not only establish the lightest point in your image, but they also remove unwanted color casts. What about the Neutral Control Point?

It can be useful in JPEGs if you have a neutral gray object in the frame. That means that color shifts can occur Midtone slider when using this tool, making it useful for White threshold slider correcting color casts.

The histogram will show only the data from the selected color channel. An anchor point will be placed on the curve. The Anchor Point Tool lets you click on your image to place a point on the curve that corresponds to the selected tonal value. You can also use this technique with the LCH editor if you want to only affect luminosity brightness data and protect the color data. Notice how the curves changed for each of the three color channels.

Left: Contrast and color balance were adjusted with Auto Contrast. Right: Contrast was adjusted but color balance was left unchanged. Fortunately, you can use the Auto Levels tool to apply automatic levels and color balance correction to each image in a batch job. Slide the sliders to the left to reduce the effect; slide the slider to the right to increase the effect. Top: Default settings. Bottom: Custom settings. Use it to control luminance and color. Simply put, this adjustment tool allows you to control Brightness and Contrast lightness , Saturation chroma , and Hue– all in one step.

A unique aspect of the LCH editor is that it separates out luminance brightness information from chrominance color information. All the same icons are there– including the Levels sliders reset icons and the Auto Contrast icon. The LCH window changes from the image histogram to something more akin to a color spectrum. Want to darken a blue sky? Click the line where the blues are and drag the point downward. Want lighter reds?

Click the line in the red part of the spectrum to add an anchor point and drag it upward. The resulting curve shows you which colors are affected by your adjustment. In the example above, yellows and your image and modify light greens are made lighter by dragging an anchor point upward on the curve. I probably use this option the most to make saturation adjustments to Anchor Point Tool specific color ranges.

In fact, you use this Master chroma editor in exactly the adjustment same way as the color lightness editor, but now you also have the option to increase or decrease saturation of any point on the entire color spectrum. In this example, 4 Use Anchor Point greens are boosted and blues are desaturated.

The LCH editor can help solve this problem by protecting skin tones from becoming oversaturated. Anchor Point tool But, if you want to make selective adjustments to the hue in your image, this is the place to do it. As with the Master Hue adjustment chroma editor, you can make overall hue changes or limit Hue Map them to certain colors. Rotation tool Moving the curve maps a color from the baseline value to the new point on the spectrum. Essentially obsolete with the advent of Highlight and Shadow Protection Sliders in Quick Fix, but can be applied in an Edit Step if desired, or if local application is needed.

Color Balance Basic controls for adjusting brightness, contrast, and color in an Edit Step. Most often used during soft-proofing to make global changes to color balance. Color Booster Allows you to increase saturation globally in a way that is not overpowering.

For example, how many times have you struggled to make an adjustment because correcting one part of your image ended up making other parts of your image look worse?

Local adjustments are effects applied to certain parts of your image while leaving other parts alone. Both methods are valuable and have their own specific strengths and weaknesses. By creating selections in Edit Steps, it means you can transform every effect in Capture NX2 from a global one to a local one. The ramifications of this transformation are huge. Need to brighten a face? Use a local adjustment. Capture NX2 selection tools make it possible to create special effects or simply make improvements to your image that you might otherwise have to do in another application.

By staying in Capture NX2, you can, in many cases, keep your image in the NEF format from camera to print and save time otherwise spent switching between editing applications. Note the opacity slider underneath the toolbar. You should see the entire image turn green. Using the fill tool selects the entire image; the green color is the mask view 5 Select the Remove Tool showing the selected area. The green fill is removed. The Marquee and Lasso tools in Capture NX2 work a little differently than those you might be familiar with.

These tools alone do not define a selection, per se. Use the lasso to make free-form selections; the various Marquee tools are used to create defined shapes. Creating a Selection with the Lasso or Marquee. The selected area will be filled in green, showing that it is now an actively selected area.

The fill is applied outside your selected area. The green mask is removed from the area defined by the lasso. You can modify lasso selections by holding down the shift key add or option while using the lasso tool. This represents the area affected by the selection.

When you choose an adjustment to place in the Edit Step, the mask view will disappear. There are three ways to view Edit Steps that have selections applied to them: Hide Selection: Selection mask is not shown, showing you the image as it would appear normally with the effect applied.

Tip: You can toggle the different views by right-clicking the mouse in the image Clockwise from top right: Hide Selection view, Show Overlay, Show Mask. Edit window and choosing the view you want to use. Selection created with the lasso tool only. Selection created with the lasso tool bright green and Base Mask applied. One of the most straightforward selection tools is the Selection Brush.

Use these options to set the brush size, softness, and opacity. The effect of Brush Hardness is illustrated in this selection view. Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts There are numerous keyboard shortcuts in Capture NX2, but the Selection Brush tool is a good example of where they come in handy. The gradient tools define selections on their own. New in Capture NX2 is a radial circular gradient tool to go along with the linear gradient tool. The gradient tool helps blend your effect so that it appears natural.

Slide the transition point to define the length of the transition zone. The Show Mask view inset shows the selected area in white. Note that the effect is not applied in a hard circle! Left: Image showing the effect of a minus Selection Control Point. For example, you might want to apply a selection to a large expanse of sky. To match settings between Selection Control Points, use the Duplicate command.

With a two-button mouse, you can use the contextual menu by right-clicking on the Control Point. Drag the new Control Point to where you want to place it in the image right.

Show Mask view shows the effect of the two Selection Control Points; the selected area is in white. This is how the tools interact with each other. The Base Mask cannot be applied until a selection tool is added to the Edit Step.

Base Mask has Selection Control Point added. Base Mask added– overridden by Selection Control Point. You can link multiple adjustments into a single Edit Step. This technique is very handy with local adjustments if you want to apply more than one effect to the same selection area. A common trick in the field to even out high-contrast scenes was to use a graduated neutral-density filter. The overlay view will disappear. In this image, the sky and mountains can be darkened.

After you created the Dodge and Burn tools on the previous page, you might want to use the same effect on other images. Rather than manually adjusting the Edit Steps each time, it is a tremendous time saver to create a Settings File of your Edit Step s and apply it using the Batch tool. This is the only step you want to save.

When you are finished, the new setting will be stored in the batch settings list under the Batch icon. Make sure that only item checked in the Save Adjustments dialog is the setting you want to save. The Control Point approach to making selections is fast and intuitive. Creating a selection that would normally require several minutes or more of mask work in Photoshop can be done with a single mouse click in Capture NX2 using a Control Point.

Color Control Points and Selection Control Points both use the same technology, and so both create selections in the same way. The difference between these two tools is that while Selection Control Points simply define a selection in an Edit Step, Color Control Points have a suite of tools built into them for adjusting local color, brightness, and contrast.

A simple rule is that if you are making adjustments to light and color that require a complex selection, Color Control Points should be your first choice. One last thing about Control Points: not every image needs them, and those that do often only need a small number of Control Points.

It can be very tempting to start adding Control Points in all your images. Remember, sometimes less is more. Each slider controls a different adjustment parameter. The most commonly used controls are the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation sliders, which are visible by default. Selected areas are shown in white. The main slider attached to a Control Point adjusts the size of the effect.

The size slider determines the relative distance from the control point that the effect is spread over. This will give you a feel for how the tool is making selections. Put the control point on a diverse area of the image, and the selection changes dramatically.

Notice how the moon top was not selected, as it did not match the pixel information in the sky. You can add more than one Color Control Point to your image, but it is important to know how multiple Control Points interact.

When you place two Control Points in the same Edit Step, they will act to cancel each other out in areas of overlap. This property of Control Points is actually quite useful. Notice that the face turns black. If you want to create additive effects with multiple Color Control Points where effects are not cancelled out , then use separate Edit Steps A second Color Control Point placed on the face chooses the skin tones, and for your Control Points.

Then the effects will overlap. Control Point behaves as though all its sliders are set to zero. While you cannot add to the area selected by a Color Control point, you can use the minus brush to remove the effect from parts of your image. These are the protected areas that the Color Control Point can no longer affect. Rather than adding another Color Control Point and trying to manually adjust each slider to match the settings of the original point, you can use the Duplicate command to make exact copies of your Control Points.

Place a Color Control Point on your image and adjust the sliders to your liking. As an alternative, you can right- click on the Control Point and choose the Duplicate command from the contextual menus. Move the duplicate point to where you want to place it in the image bottom. Color Control Points are my go-to tool to recover shadow detail in photos taken of people wearing baseball caps where the face is in the shadows.

The best part about using a Control Point for this effect is that it looks totally natural when applied correctly– and it is ridiculously easy to apply it correctly.

The unfilled circle on the triangle represents the current color of your control point. Turn the wheel to adjust hue, or place the dot wherever you want in the triangle.

You can use the eyedropper icon to pick out a color point from anywhere on your image. Click the eyedropper icon and then click an area on your image that has the color you desire. It is very easy to get unnatural looking results. Click and drag the edge of the color The eyedropper icon lets you pick a wheel to change hue.

Opening the Swatches Panel gives you access to commonly used colors. No longer do you need to use a separate pixel editor program to edit your image simply because of a dust spot. The Red Eye Control Point is used to remove the red-eye effect sometimes seen in indoor flash photos.

Of course, not all my images will need these tools, but it is nice to know that they are there when the situation presents itself. It makes removing dust spots absolutely painless. Auto Retouch Brush in 1 Open the image action Notice the dust spots in this image.

Adjust the size of the Auto Retouch Brush using either the size slider that appears beneath the toolbar, or by After Auto Retouch Brush using the keyboard shortcuts [ or ]. Repeat for additional dust spots, offending seagulls, or anything else that is small and distracting.

Tip: Keep your sensor clean One way to get rid of dust spots is to have a clean sensor. I recommend the Copper Hill method. Before We all have shots where our subject looks like the devil with red eyes. Use them in the situations where they are warranted.

Obviously, if your horizon is level in the image then using the straighten tool makes little sense. Use the Straighten tool to correct tilted images. Drag the Straighten Tool across the horizon line or other reference point. Some lenses, especially super-zoom lenses and wide-angle lenses, will produce images with slight distortions.

You can use the Distortion Control Tool in Capture NX2 to correct distortions in your images caused by lens aberrations. Note that white areas appear around the image. You can change the fill color using the Fill color tool in the Edit Step. Drag the slider to the right to correct barrel distortion. One way to use the Crop Tool is to help improve your compositions.

Remember, the Crop Tool does not resize your image. Use constrained cropping to maintain a particular aspect ratio for your image. Use the in your image. As anchor points on the corners and sides of the crop frame to resize it. Click the Enter key on your keyboard or double- click inside the crop area to set the crop.

You can remove a crop at any time by deleting the crop step from the Edit List. Not to worry; the effect will stay applied in exactly the same place you originally put the Control Point. Warning: Placing Control Points after cropping If you place a Control Point on your image after you have cropped it, and then later decide to delete the Crop Edit Step, the Control Point will not only move in your image, but its effect will be replotted, as well. I strongly encourage you to crop after all Control Points have been added to your image to avoid issues.

In addition, if you install 3rd- party filters, like Nik Color Efex Pro, these items will be displayed in the Filter Menu. This of course allows you to apply Filter Effects globally or locally. This filter will darken the complementary color to the color you choose. For example, a yellow filter will darken blues in your image and lighten yellows.

This is a filter that I use very little, if at all. Colorize Use the colorize filter to overlay colors onto the image. Use the color selector or eyedropper tool from the Colorize tool to choose the desired color. Image-browsing window simulated image. Hard-disk space A minimum of 1 GB of free disk space available on the start-up disk at installation and when the software is running 3 GB or more recommended Monitor resolution Resolution: x pixels or more x pixels or more recommended Colors: bit color True Color or more.

Hard-disk space A minimum of 1 GB of free disk space available on the start-up disk at installation and when the software is running 3 GB or more recommended Monitor resolution Resolution: x pixels or more x pixels or more recommended Colors: bit color millions of colors or more. Download software for Nikon products. Although your device does not support this download service, it can be used to view download information. Title Version Released.

NX Studio Full Ver. Other products Back. Return to top. From the reviews here and others I’ve seen, Capture NX is cumbersome and not working with Leopard that well anyway. Macinen Feb 24 When I try to open a. This update appears to work with Leopard. It crashes immediately on a PowerPC running Tiger A re-install of version 1. Macinen Nov 29 Great editing software!

I almost always get better results with Capture NX than PS except when I need many layers or need more graphical changes to a picture.

The resulting picture taken with D80 has less noise and is somehow more clear than wiht PS, I just don’t know why. From the tools Color control point is the most amazing thing – fast and efective means to a great picture.

Keep up the great work! Excellent, excellent, excellent! This is one of the best photo editing software. Just as good as my old Nikon F. Guest Jul 15 I found no batch-renaming function. The workflow to process images was fairly logical but long. Since many functions duplicate or overlap one another , I could skip many of these steps.

CaptureOne is much easier to use and faster than Capture NX, but it lacks some features. Bibble was very intuitive, but I found difficulty fine-tuning things like white balance and curves. Adjusting white balance was clunky and slow in Capture NX. All programs allow you to easily apply this basic setting to other images. WORKFLOW Bibble has a few “fast-fix” buttons that are pretty slick–they provide for crisp contrasty images with good white balance and skin tones without much sweat on your part.

CaptureOne lets you quickly make and see changes in your images, then cranks through the processor-time in the background. Capture NX is a little more clunky in this regard.

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