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We added some new IDE refactorings including a light bulb action to simplify delegate invocations by using the new null condition operator, and a refactoring to make an asynchronous method synchronous when it does not use any ‘await’ operators. We have added the. NET Framework 4. The ClickOnce Bootstrapper package for the. NET 4. While Update 1 introduced two new compartments for displaying the repository name and current branch, these were limited to internal implementation. Two of the new compartments will appear alongside the original Update 1 work and are meant to represent a quick look at the number of pending changes and unpublished commits.

We know that different providers may have different paradigms around changes or syncing with the server, but we believe that these compartments provide enough flexibility to accommodate them. With the Git provider implemented out-of-the-box, navigating to the Sync, Changes, Branches, or Connections page in Team Explorer is just a click away! While the previously mentioned compartments are meant to provide more information and quick actions for solutions already under source control, the last one aims to provide a quick and easy way to get solutions into source control.

With this new publish compartment, choosing a source control provider and adding your solution will be achievable in as little as one click! Out of the box, Publish will automatically wrap your solution in a Git repository and switch focus to the Sync page in Team Explorer to allow you to add a remote and publish your solution. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

After Microsoft had released Visual Studio Update 2 I downloaded the full ISO image and then installed update successfully, but when I launched it freeze on splash screen now I knew that issue caused by some extension, but it too late so I tried to do clean uninstall by following steps from this thread. Unfortunately, no method work for me. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

To fix the issue, please try to run the Microsoft. NET Framework is 4. It features numerous enhancements in application development technologies such as ASP. There are also changes in networking, the. NET Framework base class library, and the common language runtime including a new bit JIT compiler, native code compilation for Universal Windows Platform apps, assembly loader improvements.

For additional detail and a complete list of the new features added to the. NET Framework. This release includes a preview version of Entity Framework 7 and an update of Entity Framework 6 that primarily includes bug fixes and community contributions. The new version of Entity Framework enables new platforms and new data stores. NET 5, and traditional desktop application can now use Entity Framework. This version of the framework supports relational databases as well as non-relational data stores such as Azure Table Storage and Redis.

NET 5 projects. This release includes the EF6. New in this release, you can share the user accounts that you add in Visual Studio with other apps, such as with Blend for Visual Studio or with Microsoft Test Manager and vice versa.

In this release, new templates are available to create empty shared projects for Visual Basic, C , and JavaScript. These shared projects can now be referenced by several project types:.

The shared project reference shows up under the References node in the Solution Explorer, but the code and assets in the shared project are treated as if they were files linked into the main project. Find in Files has been improved by enabling subsequent results to be appended to previous results; accumulated results can be deleted.

Touch support is now available in the Visual Studio editor for the following gestures:. We are aware of one issue with touch, in that the double-tap gesture is not always reliable at lower zoom levels.

We would like to hear feedback on the new touch support, and in particular any issues you may find. Visual Studio customers will now be able edit their Templates and Styles stored in external resource dictionaries within the context of their usage.

This experience has been further refined to use Peek to enable a true in-situ resource editing in the XAML designer. You can now save custom window layouts by clicking Save Window Layout from the Window menu, and apply a custom layout by clicking Apply Window Layout from the Window menu. You can also apply a layout by using the pre-assigned keyboard shortcuts. Other tasks you can perform include deleting, renaming, and reordering layouts by clicking Manage Window Layout from the Window menu.

We enhanced the Send a Frown experience with better tools to report slowness, hangs, and crashes. You can now attach files or tag your feedback, to better describe the issue as well. Furthermore, we updated the Feedback icons and menu items to improve discoverability.

Learn more about Visual Studio Extensibility. We redesigned Blend for Visual Studio to provide you with an improved user interface development experience for creating beautiful XAML apps. Blend has a sleek new look consistent with Visual Studio, support for Solution and Team Explorer, and an enriched file reload experience to facilitate a better workflow between Blend and Visual Studio.

We also delivered Blend’s top most wanted features to help you be more productive:. To learn more about new features added to Blend, visit our Preview blog post. As of RC, you can edit and continue when you attach to. NET applications and when the environment variable. The new Breakpoint Settings window allows you to specify conditions and actions for your breakpoints.

The window includes improved IntelliSense support for breakpoint conditions and actions. You can now use lambda expressions in the Watch, Immediate, and other debugger windows in C and Visual Basic.

You can use the PerfTips feature to see how long code took to execute directly in the editor when you set breakpoints and step with the debugger. If the debugger detects that a called function is deadlocked, it will attempt to resolve the issue. This results in a faster start for debugging. We added two new tools, the Live Visual Tree and the Live Property Explorer that inspects the visual tree of your running WPF application, as well as the properties on any element in the tree.

These tools allow you to select any element in your running app and show the final, computed, and rendered properties. The tools also include the following:.

Picking apart how properties override each other and figuring out winning behavior can prove difficult at design time. Download Visual Studio for Mac. Still want an older version? Visual Studio and other Products. Web Installer. Visual Studio and Other Products. NET Framework 4. See Downloads and tools for Windows 10 to get the tools you need to build for Windows.

NET Framework Requirements. Windows 10 Anniversary Update Windows 8.



Microsoft visual studio 2015 enterprise 14.0 update 2 free.Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 14.0.23107.178

Mar 10,  · 1. Install Win 7 SP1 and the latest recommended updates and patches from Microsoft Update Center. all Visual Studio Enterprise from Programs and Features (including Visual C++ Redistributables and Entity Framework) 3. Rename or delete folders: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio ; C:Program FilesMicrosoft . Mar 09,  · Install Win 7 SP1 and the latest recommended updates and patches from Microsoft Update Center. all Visual Studio Enterprise from Programs and Features (including Visual C++ Redistributables and Entity Framework) 3. Rename or delete folders: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio Feb 08,  · Visual Studio Update 3 now includes Xamarin In addition to a number of bug fixes, this release adds support for tvOS, improves the iOS Assets Catalog support, improves the XML editing experience, and adds selectors for SSL/TLS and HttpClient implementations when creating iOS apps. For more information, see the Xamarin release notes.


Microsoft visual studio 2015 enterprise 14.0 update 2 free

You can now debug your Apache Cordova apps that target Windows Phone 8. Francesco Studko Francesco Mantovani 7, 5 5 gold badges 54 54 silver badges 81 81 bronze badges. With the Git provider implemented посетить страницу, navigating to the Sync, Changes, Branches, or Connections page in Team Explorer is just a click away!