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11 Best FREE Registry Cleaners for Windows PC [Sep ]

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Step 4: Scroll down to locate the “Shutdown settings” section, check or uncheck “Turn on fast startup recommended ” and click “Save Changes” to turn fast startup on or off.


Windows 10 fast startup registry key free download. Registry Finder


The Windows Registry is a database that holds your operating system’s configurations and settings. This includes everything from how long your mouse must hover over a taskbar icon before the preview pops up in Windows Vista and Windows 7 to downliad settings. Windows 7 and Vista have more /32116.txt features built into the operating system, but a number of Registry hacks and tweaks can speed up–or, at least, appear to speed up–the performance of your computer.

Before we start mucking around with your PC’s guts, however, we’re going to make sure that you have a reliable backup of your Registry in case something goes sour. Though editing the Windows Registry is not nearly as scary as it sounds, making an incorrect change can cripple your system.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, it’s important to take the precaution of backing up part, or all, of the Registry before windows 10 fast startup registry key free download proceed. ERUNT also saves each restore point independently of the other points, unlike System Restore in System Restore, all restore points are dependent on адрес страницы points.

If you’re changing just one part of the Windows Registry, and you know which part that is, you don’t have registgy back up the entire Registry. Instead, знаю download game naruto pc ringan слова can back up the part you plan on changing using the Registry’s export feature. First, go to Start, Fasy, type regeditand press Windkws.

This will open the Registry Editor. Next, find the part of windows 10 fast startup registry key free download Registry you’re going to change. Right-click on the Registry key you plan on changing, and click “Export. To undo Registry changes, just find your. Now that you’ve backed up your Registry–perhaps more than once–it’s time to start hacking away. Type regeditclick Yes, and the Registry Editor will open. Windows 10 fast startup registry key free download 7’s Aero Peek lets you see the desktop when you move your mouse cursor over to the читать больше desktop” button at the end of the taskbar.

The standard delay time for the Aero Peek preview is milliseconds, or half a second. Here’s how to speed it up:. Under “Base,” click Decimal and then enter the delay time in milliseconds in the “Value data” field. Click OK, and your Aero Peek time will be set. You can set the faet to higher a longer delay time if you’re activating it too often by accident, or to lower a shorter delay time if half a second is just too long. When you roll over taskbar icons in Windows Vista and in Windows 7, little previews appear.

The standard delay time for these previews is milliseconds, or just under half a second. If this is too slow or too fast for you, you can adjust the delay time with an easy Registry hack. Under “Base,” click Decimal and then enter in dowwnload delay time in milliseconds in the “Value data” field.

Click OK to set the time default is milliseconds. If you’d like to speed up the menus in Windows Vista or Windows 7, ddownload this easy Registry tweak:.

Find MenuShowDelay and double-click to open. Adjust the value in milliseconds the default is milliseconds, or just under half a second. If you windows 10 fast startup registry key free download a habit windows 10 fast startup registry key free download leaving your computer on all взято отсюда time registey do Iyou’ll occasionally run into the problem of automatic system reboots.

These usually happen after Windows downloads some sort of important update, and will usually be preceded by a notification that gives you about 10 to 15 minutes warning, unless you click it away. If you’re not around to see said notification, and you have a lot of windows or important documents open on your computer, these reboots can be a hassle. So here’s how to keep your computer from automatically rebooting with an easy Registry hack.

This will create a new folder. Name the new folder “WindowsUpdate. Open WindowsUpdate and right-click in the right pane there will be a value already in the pane called “Default”. Do not change the Base button to “Decimal”; instead, keep it at “Hexadecimal. Exit the Registry Editor and log off and log back in for the settings to take effect. Your system will now never force a reboot without your explicit permission.

If you hate pop-up windows 10 fast startup registry key free download balloons on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 taskbar, you can disable them using a simple Shartup hack:. Double-click on EnableBalloonTips and set the Value data to 0. It doesn’t matter if you have Decimal or Hexadecimal clicked under “Base,” because 0 is 0 in both decimal and hexadecimal.

Log off приведу ссылку log back on for the change to take effect. You’ll no longer windows 10 fast startup registry key free download any annoying notification balloons from the taskbar.

Is Windows XP booting too slowly? Here’s how to speed up your boot-time with a quick Registry tweak. In the right pane will be a value called “StartupDelay. Change the “Base” from Hexadecimal to Decimal, and enter 40, the default setting isExit the Registry Editor and restart your computer.

Your computer should boot up considerably faster–while this worked for me on my Windows XP laptop, values lower than 40, didn’t produce a noticeable difference. Ultrabook Chromebooks Laptop Accessories.

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